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Grilled banana in sticky rice.

>> Nov 17, 2008


-12 ripe bananas

-1/2 tsp salt-200g sugar (adjust to desired sweetness)

-1kg (4 cups sweet-rice aka glutinous rice)

-1 can coconut milk (400ml)

-200g shredded coconut (optional)

-100g mung beans (peeled and split kind, optional)

-pandan leaves (optional)

-banana leaves-tooth picks
Getting Ready:

Rinse and soak rice in coconut milk and enough water to cover the rice by about 4 inches for at least 4 hours. Roast mung beans in a pan, stirring constantly until brown. Peel bananas and gently mix with salt and 100g sugar. Wash and wipe dry the banana and pandan leaves. Cut banana leaves into 12-15” long pieces. Cut pandan leaves to the length of the bananas. After 4 hours drain the rice and mix with 100g sugar, roasted mung beans, and coconut.
Wrapping: Lay 2 pieces of banana leaves on a flat surface, add about 4-5 tbs of the rice. Lay a banana on top and cover with more rice. Top with a pandan leaf before folding the top and bottom sides over the rice to completely cover it. Secure the ends with toothpicks.
Steaming and Grilling:

Steam on high heat for about ½ hour, broil for about 10 mins (or grill) or just until the leaves begin to brown. Serve warm.
Note:Serve with coconut milk and crushed toasted peanuts for more pleasure. Can add 2 tsp pandan extract to rice if pandan leaves are not available. If banana leaves are not available; use foil instead. However, remove the foil before grilling. These can be made ahead of time through the steaming process. Freeze thaw and grill right before serving. If done correctly the banana should have a redish-violet color.


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